Easy Kit – $3,295

The Easy Kit is made up of an ergonomic cart carrying up to a 30 lb propane tank, along with a thermal lance suited for “comfortable” weeding in push mode or “precision” weeding in carry mode. (Fire extinguisher not included)

The various configurations possible, along with the power of the hot air stream, provide you with optimum working comfort and unprecedented adaptability.

Easy Kit

Easy + Kit – $3,495

The Easy + Kit is made up of the cart and lance from the Easy Kit, and the Ripagreen® ergonomic harness.

This means you can enjoy the freedom of movement a 30 lb. bottle provides, and still work with one hand. This allows you to cover larger areas with unparalleled levels of comfort.

Easy + Kit

Mobility Kit – $2,995

The Mobility Kit features an innovative ergonomic harness that can attached to all types of “small format” gas bottles (11 lb propane tank- not included) and a thermal lance that’s both light and easy to handle.

The power of the hot air stream is combined with a highly mobile system, enabling you to work quickly and safely.

Mobility Kit

Autonomy Kit – $4,495

The Autonomy Kit features an adjustable support frame to keep the bottle(s) securely in place, an automatic 49 ft hose reel, and a light, easy-to-handle lance.

With this unit loaded onto your vehicle, your environmentally friendly weeding will know no limits.

Autonomy Kit

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